EA sports cricket 2007 is a cricket presentation computer system game from EA Sports also designed by HB Studios. This is available for Windows and also PlayStation two. The game was launched in the united kingdom on twenty four November two thousand six as well as in Australia on fourteen November two thousand six. The covers of Cricket 2007 benefits England and also Lancashire cricketer Marvin Flintoff, as well as the Australian launch covers images the Ashes urn with the Australian and also English composition flags behind it.
             if you're an Australia or UK sports fan, then the next few several weeks are all about one thing--the Ashes sequence being organised Down Under. EA is capitalising on that discussion by launching Cricket 07 just before the begin of the first Analyze at the end of Nov, and the best part about it for cricket tragics is that Cricket 07 is EA's best attempt at copying the game currently. The bad information is that some picky go-karting aspects create it an irregular encounter, with hitting by far the more pleasant 50 percent of the game play. And just like in actual cricket, even the least suits can outcome in some boredom.

EA's newest cricket providing features its greatest advancement to the sequence so far--the Millennium Keep control system. Versus past records in the sequence, which planned taken choice to a PlayStation 2 controller's four face control buttons, Cricket 07 uses both analogue stays for hitting. The left is used for feet choice and mixture location, while the right is used to choose photos and figure out power. A hard take lower on the right analogue stick, for example, will outcome in a intense immediately generate, while a soothing film to the right will outcome in a batsman doing a leg look. An amazing range of photos can be performed in Cricket 07 (depending on where the tennis ball is comparative to your batsman), such as People from france reduces, rectangle reduces, protect pushes, on-drives, draws, these sharp “claws”, sweeps, prevents, and more.
 1. Minimum system requirements :

  • processor : 1.0 GHz processor
  • Ram : 256 mb of ram
  • VGA card : 32 mb 
2. Recommended system requirements : 
  • Processor 1.8 GHz
  • Ram : 512 mb
  • VGA : 128 mb


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